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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Dubai Tennis Championships

I got my tickets early this year as by half way through the tournament last year the tickets for the finals had sold out and as there was an even better cast of players for this year I didn't want to miss out ont he possibility of a Nadal v Federer final. As luck would have it, I wasn't to be disappointed as this is exactly what we got. But more than that it was a fantastic match with some awesome and unbelievable shots being played and the match swinging from being a one-sided Federer affair in the first set to a thrilling 3 setter. In the end it was Nadal's day but you couldn't help thinking it could have gone either way and each one of them would have deserved it.

We shouldn't forget the women, who also had a great tournament albeit with a few stops due to rain. There were also big names here and both tournaments seem to be going from strength to strength no doubt with the help of the large pot of prize money from dubai Duty Free.