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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Summer in Dubai

For those who complain that there is nothing going on in Dubai in the summer, I think they need to look again! OK, so most of it is centred around the shopping malls but who can blame them to focus on air-conditioned comfort when the temperature is in the forties outside. There are lots of activities for children but also a huge number of genuine sales on. You can really grab a few bargains out there without looking too hard. It also seems that the place is not so quiet when it comes to ski Dubai. If you are able to even get a spot to watch the goings on in the snow park then you will see how many people are happily playing in the freezing temperatures on the many rides and runs they have to offer. If you are brave enough to face the heat then a trip down to the beach in the early morning can be pleasant enough for an hour or so, and a nice change from the noisy buzz of the quad bikes and jet skis that usually take over in the winter.