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Friday, July 20, 2007

Awesome landscape

Took a drive over to Ras Al Khaimah recently and got some great dunes pictures. It's good to take a day out now and then and appreciate the awesome scenery around this area. And I love to see the camels :-)

Red Bull Air Race - 6th April 2007

Once again Abu Dhabi was packed to bursting with spectators for this now annual event. Albeit it was nearly impossible to park, this is a spectacle worth going to see. The tricks that these guys do are pretty amazing and it's really a great day out.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Dubai International Arabian Horse Championships

The place to go if you want to see some of the top arabian horses in the world. This is an annual event, one of the many that is free to spectators. See for details.

Dubai World Cup 31 March 2007

As usual this was a great day/evening out and the numbers seemed to be well up on last year. Lots of racing and lots of fashion and the one event on the social calendar that is a must!

Jumana, Secret of the Desert

Head out to the Al Sahra Desert Resort to go and see this spectacular production. Loads of special effects with fireworks, lighting, fire etc make this a must-see. The production is just over an hour so it is worth going out to have some dinner there first - they also have a shisha area and the whole resort is lit up with what must be thousands of flame torches (it must take someone all night to light them all!).

Jazz Festival 8-10 March 2007

The Jazz festival was great with loads of beanbags to lounge around on (although there were almost fights breaking out to keep hold of them!) and great music to listen to, art to buy and plenty of liquid refreshment.

The highlight was Jamie Cullum on the last night but Dubai Drums came in a close second.

Old and New

I just liked the contrast between the camels on the beach tethered up next to a bedouin tent and the new buildings going up around Jumeirah Beach Residence...

Doing the Tourist Thing

It's great to have visitors over to stay because it gives you a good excuse to do the touristy things that you might otherwise not take time to do. I had a friend visiting and we took an abra across the creek to the gold souk. When we came back we walked around the Bastakia area, took in a few galleries including the Majlis and then stopped at the Basta Art Cafe. Great.

Golf Challenge Match - 30 Jan 07

What a great way to get up close to the stars. This is the event prior to the Dubai Desert Classic that pits 8 players in pairs against each other for charity. All are top players and the number of spectators is low so, as you can see, you can really get a good view of your favourite player.