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Friday, February 03, 2006

Dubai Racing Carnival

The Carnival is well under way for 2006 and having gone to the first meeting I also went to the third meeting last night (Thursday 2nd Feb). It is a great opportunity to get up close to some top quality horses and jockeys for free. The adverts imply that the admission price is 60 AED but if you are happy to muck in with the masses then there is no admission cost. Last night bore witness to Frankie Dettori's first win of the year which was celebrated with his trademark flying dismount. This is all a lead up to the big day on 25th March when the Dubai World Cup is run which I'm sure will be a huge event like last year. Of course there is also the chance to win a car each night which last night was a Tiida for a 10 AED ticket price. One thing, you have to be there at the end to claim your prize when the ticket is drawn...